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Fan/Artist Connection

Welcome to the Fan Commentary page.  My definition of the word "fan" includes both the listener and the performer.  Fans peform, fans listen.  I am a fan of artists of all kinds; local painters, music artists, and dancers.  The people who have been kind enough to listen to me and offer feeback are no different.  The following people left comments on social media after hearing me perform for the first time in variou cities .  Thanks to all of you! 


 Comments - Whatcha think?


Ryan Palia - hey seth its the boy who liked your music in the sandwich place. My names ryan and I think you're a phenomenal singer. Keep playing your music and next time ill use a real lighter. keep going you're doing great!!!

Your youngest fan




Josh Calverley - Great stuff I really like pester

Anshuman Vaidya  - Nice performance Seth!!

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