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Welcome to my bio page.  The page is titled "bio", because music encompasses much more than a melody, chorus or guitar chord progression.  Music is instead one of the highest forms of self expression.  As such, I will not try to sell you on anything here.  Instead, I will simply tell you who I am.


Though I have always been fascinated by the power of words, my first serious exposure to  writing of any kind came during a tumultous period of my life, at the age of 18.  It was during that time that I discovered the power of organizing words in various combinations to elicit emotion from myself and others. I learned that one word may have a 1,000 different meanings depending upon how it is phrased with other words, of any kind. I became fascinated by this art - the art of phrasing.  It was during that year that I wrote my first song.    


Since writing my first songe, I haved played with elements of rhythm, melody  and phrasing in music to connect with my own emotions and to explore things I otherwise could not. My intention in playing music has always been to explore all aspects of the human experience.. 


Over the past couple of years I have perfomed over 100 open mics and been paid to perform at various venues ranging from coffee shops to block parties.  I enjoy interacting with the crowd, and I consider each perfomance a chance to connect with other people in the world around me. My performances bring energy, creativity and most importantly - good music. 


Please feel free to explore this website and the art within it. 



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